Estimated Taxes

Estimated Taxes
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If you own your own business (even a small home based business) or if you're an Independent Contractor, Sandy's program will help you save hundreds... even thousands of dollars each year.

If you own your own business and don’t pay estimated taxes, you will be subject to non-deductible penalties. This chapter shows you how to keep as much money in your pocket for as long as possible while avoiding the estimated tax penalties. It deals with both newly formed businesses, corporations, and established businesses. It may not seem as sexy as some of the other chapters, but it contains some very useful information that will keep you from paying large penalties.

  • How to file estimated taxes.

  • Avoiding penalties.

  • Guesstimate vs Safe Harbor approach.

  • Rules for high income taxpayers.

  • Estimated tax rules for Corporations.

Zip file includes audio segments and workbook pages with strategies, examples, and flow charts fully annotated to IRS code! Download instructions will arrive via email after checkout.

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